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If you are alone and you discover smoke or flames:

- Activate the manual fire alarm
- Evacuate and leave the Building using the closest exit
- Close doors behind you as you are leaving the premises
- Alert the City of Montréal’s Fire Department by calling 911 from a safe place.

When the alarm sounds:

- Do not use elevators
- Prepare to evacuate
- Take your personal effects
- Head for the designated emergency exit
- Wait for further instructions from the Operations Centre

When the general alarm sounds:
- Leave the premises immediately upon receiving the evacuation order and/or upon hearing the 120 beats/minute sound alarm. Close doors behind you to avoid propagation of smoke.
- Do not waste time picking up your personal effects unless they are close by and leave the Building using the closest emergency exit.
- Never return to your work station if you are on another floor and an evacuation order has been given.
- Help any person who might need assistance if you can; however only firefighters are allowed to go back up to the different floors to evacuate individuals.
- Do not use elevators during a fire or a general evacuation.
- Stand at least 100 metres away from the Building to allow other people to get out.
- Do not in any way hinder the work of firefighters, security personnel and/or evacuation teams.
- Head for your group’s assigned gathering location.

At the gathering location:
- Wait for instructions from the people in charge.
- Follow said instructions to the letter.
- Wait for authorization by the person in charge before leaving your group or re-entering the Building.

ILLNESS (to come)

Should there be water infiltration:
- If equipment is directly under or close to the water infiltration site, evacuate the premises.
- Keep everyone away from the water to avoid any risk of electrocution.
- Contact Bentall’s Security Service at 514 393-7700.

911 (to come)

SUICIDE (to come)

- Remain calm and stay at your location.
- The Building is powered by emergency generators.
- Turn off all electric appliances and equipments to avoid any damages caused by a sudden power surge when power is restored.
- Emergency lighting in the hallways and staircases should be working. To avoid any risk of collision with another occupant coming in the opposite direction, make sure you take the stairs on the right hand side should you need to use them in the dark.

EVACUATION (to come)