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Electrical Systems
Overview of electrical systems: The building has two independent electrical service entrances of 12 kv. Internal electrical needs are provided by two distribution networks. Normal operation supplies half the building from each Hydro line. In the event of failure of one line, the entire building is automatically connected to the remaining line.

Emergency power system:
The emergency power generation system is located on the 26th floor and consists of two generators. In addition to the emergency lighting required by code, all stairwells are provided with battery-backed lighting at each half landing, to permit safe exit of the building in the event the diesel generator is inoperative.

Lighting: Contact building management 514 393-8820 for replacing, adding outlets or if you require any electrical work. A minimum 5 lux lighting is guaranteed at all times, even during power outages.

Technical specifications: Basic building fixture consists of three fluorescent lamps (2’ x 4’), 347 volts, with three-level lighting capability at one, two or three lamps on. The lamps are controlled through a relay system connected to the central control network.

Fixture wiring:
A grid box system is provided for both power wiring and low voltage control wiring, each system consisting of eight wires per box, with one box approximately every 3,000 sq. ft.. All wiring ends in terminal boxes in the associated electrical room to permit wiring alterations for multi-tenant requirements or departmental zoning.

Low voltage lighting control: Each floor is provided with a programmable low voltage control panel which can switch each circuit (approx. 20 fixtures) with centre lamp relay, “a”, or outboard lamps relay, “b”, or both, in a pre-determined pattern from a central computer console or from local programmable switches located on the floor. Since all power and control wiring is terminated in terminal blocks in the electrical room, and since more wiring is provided in the grid system than normally required, the system can be modified to achieve a wide range of field conditions.