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General Information
The Sun Life Building… Where Tradition and Innovation Come Together

The Sun Life Building enjoys a prime location at the heart of Downtown Montréal: 
  • Across from the Queen Elizabeth Hotel and the Central Station
  • One block east of Windsor Station
  • Two blocks away from the STRSM bus terminal serving Montréal’s South Shore
  • Between two main Metro lines
  • Accessible by car via Bonaventure and Ville-Marie expressways
Info-Map available here

The Sun Life Building is comprised of 26 floors, which include three basement levels, the ground floor, a two-story mezzanine, 23 floors of office space, and three top floors housing electrical and mechanical systems. The third, seventh and 16th levels are counted as half floors. Three floors of basement space cover 95,769 sq.ft.; commercial and public space on the main floor covers 60,000 sq.ft.; and 23 floors of office space total approximately one million square feet. Floor sizes range from 71,000 sq.ft. at the base to 17,000 sq.ft. at the top.