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The entrance to the parking garage is on Mansfield St. People who do not have an access card must keep their ticket on them as payment must be made at the automated booth on level S1.

20 minutes:             $    3.75               
Maximum 10 hrs:    $  21.00               
Maximum 24 hrs:    $  24.00               
Monthly:                  $330.00               

Lost ticket:              $  24.00        

Hand car wash (exterior and interior) services are available.

For monthly parking contracts, please contact the Parking Supervisor at 514 393-8820, extension 2554.

Users who wish to be escorted to the indoor parking garage outside regular hours need only make a request at the information booth.   

Indoor parking spaces for bicycles are available for tenants; they are located near the Mansfield unloading dock. For more details as to the rules and location of bicycle parking facilities, please call 514 393-8820, extension 2588.