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A Gift to Our Planet
The Sun Life Building Introduces New and Improved Procedures for Recycling and Waste Disposal

Thanks to your collaboration, the Sun Life Building recycles on average one ton of paper per day. However, in an effort to improve on this performance, the Tenants’ Committee decided to revisit review our recycling procedures to make them more efficient and conserve the quality of the paper sent to recycling. This initiative represents another step towards obtaining our Go Green certification.

From now on, a mini wastebasket will be attached to your paper recycling bins, allowing you to dispose of wet waste and other non recyclable waste without risk of soiling or contaminating the recyclable paper, thus preserving its optimal recyclability.

The mini wastebaskets are therefore reserved for wet domestic waste such as:
  • polystyrene cups
  • food and other kitchen waste
  • lunch bags and their contents
  • photographic film and carbon paper
  • tissues and paper towels
  • wood, metal and all other non recyclable materials

Housekeeping staff will empty and clean the mini wastebasket if necessary.

Paper recycling bins must be used exclusively for the recuperation of fibrous materials such as
  • computer paper, white or colour paper, (printed or not),
  • newspapers, brochures and magazines,
  • files, phone books, catalogues,
  • bound documents or shredded paper,
  • wrapping paper and cardboard,
  • all types of paper envelopes and self sticking labels.
Thanks to the new recycling bins installed in all tenant kitchens and/or lunch areas, we can also ensure proper recycling of cans, glass and plastic.


All tenants will soon be receiving small blue bins allowing them to get rid of any type of used batteries and cellular phones in an environmentally friendly manner. The bins are divided into two sections, allowing you to separate alkaline batteries from rechargeable ones.

In addition, the Sun Life Building’s maintenance staff already collects fluorescent lamps and construction waste, which are then recycled by specialized companies.

We will be able to improve the Sun Life Building’s environmental performance, but only if each and every one of us participates. We’re counting on your cooperation to reach our goals.