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Medical emergency: For a medical emergency, call 911. Please inform building security that this call has been placed so that the ambulance and medical staff can be received as efficiently as possible. Call 514 393-7700.

Evacuation of building:
Sun Life management has established procedures for evacuating its building in case of, but not limited to, fires, bomb threats, gas leaks, or local environmental disasters, such as a fire in an adjacent building or poisoning of the local air. The following are evacuation procedures for fire alarms and bomb threats; similar procedures come into effect for other crises. See Emergency Measures Plan.

Summary of evacuation for fire alarm : The Sun Life Building is equipped with a two-stage ULC computerized addressable fire alarm system. The system possesses a number of speakers on all floors, which will signal an audible fire alarm and act as a public address system in the event that special instructions must be transmitted during an evacuation.

New tenants in the building are fully informed by the Security Manager of all evacuation procedures when they first arrive. Each tenant is required to appoint floor wardens, monitors and searchers to assist security personnel in the event of a fire. The security staff is specially trained and strategically located to ensure a smooth and safe evacuation of the building.

Contact the Security Supervisor at 514 393-7701 to arrange for an introduction to the building’s Emergency Measures Plan.

In the event of a fire alarm, all tenants are instructed to evacuate the floor immediately using the stairwells under instruction of the floor warden. Once outside the building, tenants are asked to meet in an area designated by the floor warden.

If tenants discover a fire, they are instructed to pull the nearest fire alarm, call 911 immediately, and inform Security. Tenants then follow evacuation instructions from the office warden.

In the event of an alarm, office wardens organize the evacuation of their office through the stairwells, instructing people where to meet once they have left the building. While checking all washrooms, conference spaces and photocopy areas, wardens close (but do not lock) doors behind them. Once on the ground floor, wardens report to the security officer on the status of their floor and any details they may have concerning the fire.

Tenants are instructed not to re-enter the building under any circumstances until they have been given clear and distinct permission by a member of the security staff.