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Tenants Committee
Building relationships... At the heart of every building, there are the people... and the Sun Life Building’s management team strives to provide first class, reliable and efficient services with a personal touch; services that evolve along with tenants’ needs. This goal is more than a reflection of the building’s values, it is in line with all its tenants’ wishes. That is why the building’s Management created a Tenants’ Committee, a group of twelve people who are representative of the building’s tenant population.

The purpose of this Committee is to help the building’s Management team broaden its decision making process and to ensure its commitment to outstanding service:

  • It provides insight and offers ideas on services and issues the Building Management should consider.
  • It assesses the Manager’s services and performance on a regular basis.
  • It provides useful information as to tenants’ needs and therefore contributes to the Manager’s continuous improvement.
The Committee meets on a quarterly basis but remains in constant communication with the Manager by exchanging information via email.