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By choosing the Sun Life Building, you will benefit from a significant advantage in terms of proximity of services. In less than five minutes, you will have access to a wide number of Montréal’s foremost hotels, boutiques, entertainment venues and gourmet restaurants.

August 2018

Suite 22-22A    2,837 sq.ft.
Suite 39        213 sq.ft.
Suite 60    1,874 sq.ft.
Suite 1020     3,175 sq.ft.
11th floor  31,497 sq. ft.
Suite 1400    8,109 sq. ft.
Suite 1440    4,009 sq. ft.
Suite 2120    4,192 sq. ft.
Suite 2140    2,171 sq. ft.
Suite 2280  10,271 sq.ft.

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Marie Laurence
Vice-President, Leasing
514 393-7722
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